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The Coffee Break

In 2003, FCLC opened The Coffee Break and Gift Shop. The Coffee Break offers a variety of handcrafted gifts, created with the help of the adult clients, and high end food products such as coffee, jams, and pie mixes. There is also free WiFi, a shaded outdoor patio for web surfers and readers, an indoor area for larger groups and business meetings, or the classic coffee shop experience. The coffee shop is a great place to relax and unwind, but be sure to bring an appetite. The coffee shop has over 50 flavors of coffee and delicious sandwiches you won’t find anywhere else.

The dining area and state of the art kitchen area is complete with a cappuccino maker, Panini press, snow cone machine, and so much more and is maintained with the help of FCLC’s adult clients. FCLC provides these clients with a real job, where they make real money, all while making a contribution to their community.

The Menu

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