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Document Shredding

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Our adult department provides document shredding for various business including Pharmacies, Doctor and Dentist Offices, School Districts and more. All shredding is provided in the following manner;

Employee Requirements

All employees must sign a confidentiality Agreement. Adult Clients, who will be working in document shredding, are subject to a Criminal Records check as well as Adult and Child Abuse Registry Checks. Clients, working in the area of document shredding, will be under the direct supervision of an FCLC Staff Member. FCLC Staff Members, who supervise adult clients in document shredding, will have passed all Criminal Records search, Adult and Child Abuse Registry Search, Pre-Employment and random drug screenings, as well as Employment History Verification. Failure, of Clients or Staff to successfully complete any of the required clearances, will prevent such individual from working in the document shredding and furthermore subject them to the restrictions and/or dismissal requirements as listed in FCLC policy and procedures.

A list will be kept of individuals broken down by “Access Employees” and of “Non Access Employees”. The list will include title/position/responsibility and, for Non Access individuals, the reason they are classified as such. Only FCLC employees, or Adult clients, who are citizens of the United States of America, are eligible to have access to document shredding.

Document Pick Up

CDL Drivers, for document pick up, must meet all licensing requirements and maintain their Commercial Driver’s License. Only persons authorized to work in document shredding, will be involved in document pick up. All employees working in document shredding will wear a ID badge, identifying them and their place of employment, when picking up documents for disposal. Documents will be transported in a physically secured, FCLC owned, vehicle and will always be accompanied by a FCLC Staff Member. Documents will never be left, in an insecure location, unattended. All materials will be securely contained during transfer from customer’s custody to transportation vehicle to their final destination for shredding. Documents will be transported in a locked secure container or be fully enclosed in customer’s file boxes. Documents will be shredded the same day, if possible, however, if not shredded the same day, they will be placed in their original containers inside a secure locked location. Collection drivers will have access to a cell phone, placed in each FCLC van, in the event of emergency.

Unauthorized Access is Preventable

All entrances to secured area will be prevented when confidential documents are not attended.(i.e. a locked closet inside a locked room inside a locked building) The security alarm system will be armed when the building is unoccupied. This is a monitored alarm system with authorized persons being notified when the alarm is set off. There is a surveillance camera system monitoring the hallway leading into the secure area This camera is designed to identify people and their activities in order to eliminate unauthorized access to documents.

Destruction Equipment

All printed media is destroyed by equipment with a continuous shred, with a 5/8 inch width and indefinite length. Materials are fed into the shredder face down to eliminate the possibility of accidentally reading confidential material. A Document Disposal Certificate will be given, to the customer, upon each separate instance of document disposal. A copy of the Document Disposal Certificate will be maintained in a company file. Destroyed materials must be disposed of in a responsible manner which will NOT include reuse (i.e. animal bedding or packing material) Transfer of custody, of shredded documents, will occur only between authorized personnel. A list will be kept of all companies receiving destroyed materials and their ultimate responsibility in the disposition of such materials. The resulting waste, from destroyed documents, is disposed of in the following manner:

Fort Smith Waste Paper Company, Fort Smith, AR 72949 will accept our waste, they will bale it send it to a wet pulp mill for recycling. The shredded material will be stored in a secure container, until being picked up. If the material is delivered to the Fort Smith Waste Paper Company, by FCLC, it will be transported in a closed van, or in a pickup truck/trailer. If a truck/trailer is used, all material will be covered and secure during the transport and will not be left unattended at any time.

Time Frame for Destruction of Documents

All documents will be destroyed within three business days of pick up or upon delivery to the document destruction site. A destruction log will be kept which states the date/time of arrival and date/time of actual destruction. Exceptions include Acts of God, breakdowns or customer permission or instructions, in writing, to hold the documents for a longer period of time.


FCLC will maintain General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000/$3,000,000.

Individual Shredding of Private Documents

FCLC will also shred documents, delivered to our site, for individuals. This shredding of documents will follow the guidelines for shredding as above. A list will be kept showing the date/time materials were received, and from whom, what the materials consist of and the date/time destroyed. A locked container will be kept, in a convenient area, to hold the individual records until they are destroyed. This locked container will be under the direct supervision of authorized access personnel. A Document Disposal Certificate will be given to each individual and a copy maintained in company file.

Policy adopted by Board of Directors on July 10, 2006